Ewa Aganyin

Beans is the most often cooked meal in my house, husband dearest is a die hard beans lover. In his world, there is no such thing as too much beans. So when I was thinking what to make him for Vals dinner it was a no brainer. He loves beans, so I’d make him beans with love! Lol.

Ewa Aganyin is mashed cooked beans so I decided to play with the mash. Well I just bought a new icing set, so I’m putting it to use.


3 Cups Brown Black Eyed Peas  (I recommend honey beans, Ewa Oloyin)

*cups here refer to standard  measuring 250 ml – 31 ml cups.

For the Pepper Sauce
3 cups Sun dried Jalapeño peppers (Bawa/Sombo)
5 pieces of fresh Scotch Bonnet peppers
3 medium sized onions.
2 tbsp ground Cameroon pepper
2 tbsp Ground Crayfish
Salt to taste
2 Seasoning cubes
1 1/2 cups palm oil

Boil and cook beans till soft, then strain whatever water, is left and blitz the beans with a food processor or blender -use the  pulse function-. Some people add sugar to it, but sugar ain’t my cup of tea.

Now the pepper sauce is the true star of the meal


Soak your dried pepper in hot water for about 30 mins. Chop one of the onions.
Now blend the soaked peppers with fresh pepper and 2 onions.
Bleach palm oil -you do this by heating the palm oil past smoke point, please be sure to leave the lid on when you do this so as not to hurt yourself-
Turn off the heat and allow the palm oil to cool a bit.
Once it is slightly cooled, turn the heat back on and pour the chopped Onions. Allow the onions to fry slightly before pouring in the blended pepper. Now add Cameroon pepper, ground crayfish, salt and Maggi.
Now on medium heat fry till the pepper looks like burnt bits. Keep stirring so it blackens evenly.

Quick Note
Sometimes I find the crispness of the burnt pepper a little hard, so I add about half a cup of water into the end result and I allow it to simmer on low heat until the water reduces completely. That way I get my delicious, spicy, hot, black, not too crisp Ewa Aganyin Sauce.


Ewa Aganyin and White Bread  (Agege Bread) is a marriage made in heaven.


5 thoughts on “Ewa Aganyin

  1. Omg I made this last night but it was from the tatashe blog I put stockfish pieces and dried smoked pieces in the beans and put some dried smoked fish and it was very yummy


  2. Been longing to eat ewa agoyin so I checked your site and here am I awed at all the beans recipes’ I’ve come across(I am also a beans lover). I have found what will make my kids fall in love with beans again. Will give you feedback when I’m done cooking and eating.


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