Fried Plantain on Skewers

This is yet another clever way to serve your plantain as finger food while hosting guests.

You need
Mini burger or Minced meat
*spices and seasoning optional
Vegetable Oil to fry

Simply cut plantains in circles, fry till golden brown. To acompany the plantain you can use mini burgers or make some minced meat into balls, season and grill or sauté. Stack plantain and meat  and pass a skewer through it.

Simple, easy menu

Plantain Lasagna

My romance with plantain has made experiment with all sorts of appealing ways to cook and present plantain. Here is one of them.


This was inspired by Ugo Joy Eke – Okoro’ s post on Bella Naija, last year.

Here goes.
6 Plantains
3kg minced meat
1 table spoon of Garlic (minced)
2 cooking spoons of tomato paste (any of the tinned brands would do)
1/2 cooking spoon Tomato Ketchup
Seasoning cubes and
Salt to taste
5 Eggs lightly beaten and salted

Heat up some oil, then add the onions, pepper, garlic, seasoning cube and salt. Sauté for about 3 minutes, then add the minced meat and cook until it is browned. Add the tomato sauce, carrot cubes and very little water and allow to simmer for about 10 minutes.

Peel your plantain and cut them into about 4-5 slices lengthwise and shallow fry them in little oil for about 3 minutes on each side or till slightly brown. Spray the baking dish with some oil or butter, then pour some of the eggs on the bottom of the baking dish.

Lay the plantain slices on the bottom of the dish until the properly covered, add about half of meat mixture on top of the plantain slices and spread it out to a uniform layer. Repeat the layers with the rest of the plantain slices and meat mixture and end the layers with plantain slices on top.
Pour the rest of the eggs over the plantain layers(so that it covers the plantain and seeps through the layers)
Bake for about 25 minutes. Let it cool for a few minutes so it would be easy to slice into.


Red Velvet Pancakes

Can’t believe I almost forgot to put up a post about my favourite pancake of all time.
Red Velvet Pancakes inspired by Terry Adido for Grated Nutmeg.



1 Cup  All Purpose Flour
1 Cup Buttermilk (You can make this by adding 1/2 tsp of Vinegar to 1 cup of milk. Remove 1/2 tsp milk before adding the vinegar.)
1/4 Cup Milk
1 Tablespoon Cocoa Powder
2 Teaspoons Red Food Color
3 Tablespoons Granulated White Sugar
1 Teaspoon Baking Powder
1/4 Teaspoon Baking Soda
1/4 Teaspoon Salt
1 Large Egg
3 Tablespoons Melted Butter
1 Teaspoon Pure Vanilla Extract (I used vanilla essence as I couldn’t find extract)

Mix all your ingredients dry ingredients in a separate bowl and, wet ingredients in another. Now add the dry ingredients into the wet ingredients, slowly adding the dry ingredients to avoid lumps. Whisk as you add.
Heat a non stick, use pastry brush to brush some oil on the pan. Using a scoop spoon, scoop some of the pancake batter into the heated pan and hold the handle to spread it to the inner edges of the pan.
Allow the first side to cook for about 2 minutes , you’d see the edges start to crisp and some bubbles on top of the pancake, flip to the other side and allow to cook for about 2 – 3 mins too.


You can serve with syrup or as u did here with icecream and strawberries


Plantain Sandwich

I used to think I loved plantain until i met Le Hubs, his next best food asides beans is plantain, one food you’d always find in my store is a bunch of ripe plantains, hence the need to always find ingenious ways to  make plantain, this is one of his favorites aside the plantain waffle

Now this is so easy to make.


Ripe plantain
Sautéed Bacon slices
Slices of tomatoes
Low cholesterol oil (olive or sunflower would be great)

Cut plantain length wise into 2 or 3 strips.
Fry slightly in oil and take out the plantain strips. Flatten the plantain using a Tostonera or simple household items e.g a ladle or rolling pin, I used the flat side of an Ice breaker to smack the plantain flat.
Return into the oil and finish frying. Lay on paper towels to absorb the oil.

Now assemble. Plantain base, some lettuce, tomatoes, Omelette, a plantain slice , some lettuce, bacon slice and cover with plantain slice.


You can cut them up into very pretty bite sized pieces like this and serve them as finger food when hosting guests

Bite sized plantain sandwiches


Crepes with Custard Vanilla Ice Cream drizzled with Maltina Reduction. 

One more post in honor of the national pancake day.
Honestly  this post is really about the icecream,  lol


2 1/2 cups cold cooked custard (this is made using by dissolving instant custard powder with a little portion of water, then boiling hot water is poured into it, stirring continously till it thickens and sets. Leave to cool completely )
1 sachet Instant Vanilla Ice cream (1 used the Domo brand)
200ml cold condensed milk
1/8 cup raisins 
6 French glazed cherries (topper)
1 tsp Vanilla essence 
1 can Maltina 

Following the instructions on the instant ice cream sachet ,using a stand or hand mixer whisk at high speed the condensed milk with the instant ice cream powder till light and fluffy, reduce the speed to medium and add the cold custard gradually, add vanilla essence, whisk till well incorporated. Turn off the mixer and add the raisins. 
If you have an Ice cream maker you can pour it into your ice cream maker to churn. If you don’t have an ice cream maker. Pour in a bowl and leave in the freezer fro at least 4 hrs before serving. If in the freezer use a ladle to stir every hour. 

Maltina Reduction.
Pour Maltina into a clean pot and place on fire at medium heat till it is very reduced. You know it is okay to turn off the heat when it starts to thicken and it is syrupy. 
Credit : Dooney ‘ s Kitchen.

To serve, drizzle the Maltina Reduction, topped with cherry.
Recipe serves 6.


*you’d find recipes for Crepes here

Blueberry Pancakes (drizzled with date syrup) with a glass of Frozen Yoghurt and fruits. 

Still in honor of the Pancakes Day, here is another one of my pancakes


2 cups sifted self rising flour
3 medium sized eggs
1/8 cup powdered milk
10g unsalted butter ( room temp)
1 tsp Vanilla essence
1/2 tsp butterscotch flavour
1/8 tsp salt
1/2 cup water
1 cup fresh blueberries
Veg oil

Mix all your ingredients in a bowl, wet ingredients excluding the oil first and slowly add the dry ingredients. Add the blueberries. 
Heat a non stick, use pastry brush to brush some oil on the pan. Using a scoop spoon, scoop some of the pancake batter into the heated pan and hold the handle to spread it to the inner edges of the pan.
Allow the first side to dry and flip to the other side. 

*It might burn slighty, this is because the blueberry starts to cook and it breaks releasing it’s juice which colours your pancakes. 


In keeping with my diet I made mine with whole wheat skipped the butter and milk, added honey instead of sugar.

Whole Wheat blueberry Pancakes

This recipe serves 3.

Plantain Waffles ; Fitfam Option

Plantain Waffles with Bacon wrapped omelette and lettuce, and Sweet Soy/Pepper Syrup.

Not a piece was left on the plate!



Plantain Waffles
•   2 Ripe Plantain
•   1 teaspoon of Cayenne pepper (ground pepper /Ata gigun)
*   Salt to taste optional
*   1 egg optional,( you can use 1/8 cup of water instead)
•   Vegetable Oil (i used coconut oil) to grease waffle iron.



–    Cut plantain into chunks and blend with pepper, egg or water , salt, to a smooth paste.
–    Use a pastry brush to brush the oil on the waffle iron, scoop the blended plantain paste into the waffle iron, close up and let it cook, according to the manufacturer’s instructions on your device.



Sweet Soy/Pepper Syrup
•    7 Chilli Pepper (any pepper of your choice)
•    1 cup water
•    2 tbsp Soy sauce
•    1 1/2 cups sugar

–    Blend pepper to a smooth paste, add 1 cup water and seive the liquid into a deep pan or pot, discard pulp.

–    Add sugar and soy sauce, boil till water reduces and the sauce thickens.


Bacon was sautéed and used to wrap omelette and lettuce.


Tigernut Ogi ( Pap )

I was gisting with my mum and she made a remark about Tigernuts’ starch content (one Tigernut is said to have 5 times more starch than a small potato). Then I wondered what would happen to that starch when boiled. So i opened a bottle of Tigernut Milk poured it in a pot on medium heat and kept stirring it and I was amazed to see it start to thicken and set. My mum finished the whole lot I made.
Learn how to make Tigernut Milk here .

1 Cup Tigernuts (local name Ofio or Aya, Aki awusa)
1/2 cups Dates (local Hausa name is Dabino) 
1/4 of a small coconut 
1 tsp of grated ginger.

Soak Tigernuts for 24 – 48 hrs , pit dates, chop coconut to small bits.
Blend all these together with ginger to a smooth paste, sieve with a muslin cloth, collect the milk in a pot and boil on medium heat till it thickens. 

Tigernut Ogi

Serve with Akara, moinmoin or any of your favourite accompaniments to Ogi.

This makes for a great breakfast accompaniment or as a warm dessert.

Ofada Rice Stir Fry with Roasted Chicken

Sometime ago in #fitfam land some people where tormenting me with awesome pictures Bulgar Stir fry.  And as I don’t have access to Bulgar I made up my mind I’d do it with Rice. And because I’m weight watching if I have to eat rice , it has to be Ofada Rice for me.

Who knew Ofada Rice could look this good.

This is quite simple to make.
Ofada Rice
Olive (or any Vegetable) oil
Seasoning cubes
Mixed Vegetables (carrots,green peas,spring onions, red/yellow/green bell pepper, cherry tomatoes)
Locust beans (mashed)
Shredded Smoked fish
Powdered Smoked prawns
Chopped onions.

Cook Ofada Rice rice with a little salt and set aside.
In a wok, heat up about a tbsp of olive, add onions and mashed locust beans, stir till the onion is tender. Then add shredded Smoked fish, keep stiring, then add the mixed vegetables, season with salt, seasoning cubes and powdered smoked prawns. When the vegetables are slightly  tender add the rice and stir into the vegetables.

Look how the brown on the rice nicely contrasts with all the vibrant colours of the vegetables! You said a healthy meal should be boring

Ofada Concoction Rice

I made this meal on one of those days when I craved for Concoction rice -that life saving meal back in Uni days- it tasted so good.

2 cups Ofada Rice
2Red and 5Green scotch bonnet (Ata rodo)roughly blended
*4 Green chill pepper (optional) roughly blended
1/2 cup Chopped onions
1 small Smoked Catfish (shredded)
2tbsp Powdered Crayfish
1 heaped tbsp Iru (locust beans)
5 leaves Efirin (African sweet Basil/ Scent leaf)
2 tbsp Oil (i used coconut oil you may use palm oil or vegetable oil)
1 Seasoning cube

Wash rice thoroughly and set aside.
In a pot or wok heat oil and add chopped Onions as it starts to fry add roughly blended peppers.
Add washed rice after about a minute and add some water.
In a small mortar pound your iru, chop your efirin finely.
Add salt, crayfish, seasoning cube and iru.
When the rice is al dente add the flaked smoked fish.
Allow the rice to cook and add the efirin leaves , allow the steam from the rice to cook it then stir into the rice.
Cook rice with the lid on the pot.


Don’t add too much water into your rice to cook.  You can start out cooking the rice with just enough water to cook through.  If the water seems to be drying out and the rice is still a bit hard, turn down the heat and cover the top with a plastic bag and put the lid of the pot on it to trap the heat. The steam would finish cooking the rice.