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Mango Syllabub

Nothing major, just another way a mango junkie is expressing her love for mango Recipe Ingredients •    Condensed milk •    *Coconut milk •    Mango Juice/Smoothie •    Heavy Whipping Cream •    Lemon  juice •    *Rum •    Vanilla extract Note: *optional items Procedure Spoon them into cup in this order Bottom layer Condensed milk and Coconut milk… Continue reading Mango Syllabub

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PaniPopo; Coconut Bread Buns

This bread is so dear, I tell ya. Bless the south Pacific Islands for gifting the world this bread. Not even sure where the bread is original to, Samoa, Hawai or the Rhodes Islands. I really don't care. I love it. I discovered this bread a little over a year ago, after Phisayo Ade shared… Continue reading PaniPopo; Coconut Bread Buns

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Creamy Surf Soup (Fisherman’s Soup)

The secret is out! I love seafood!! When Le Hubs and I were courting, he told me he believed he was allergic to seafood. The reasons he gave for believing so were quite vague. He'd eat fish and meals cooked with dried and smoked shrimps/prawns et al and he won't react, it didn't take long… Continue reading Creamy Surf Soup (Fisherman’s Soup)

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Obe Ewedu (Ewedu Soup)

Ewedu Soup is popularly eaten by the Yoruba people of the South Western Part of Nigeria. Slimy is not a nice word to use to describe Ewedu Soup so we call it draw soup because of the way it stretches. The taste is amazing and it pairs well with red stew and and gbegiri. Any… Continue reading Obe Ewedu (Ewedu Soup)