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Acarajé (Akara with stuffing)

Tola had asked me to blog about Acarajé. Tola shared with me a beautiful part of her family history and how her grandfather had escaped slavery in Brazil and returned to Abeokuta. As such her dad who is now in his 80's recalled that this is how Akara was made in his family while growing… Continue reading Acarajé (Akara with stuffing)

Bean Dishes

Akara: A collection of 4 types of the ultimate Street food. 

Sometime back I shared tips on making great Akara balls  (You can look up the tips in this LINK). Akara is a simple delicious meal to make. However, you know how simple tasks can throw huge curve balls at you. Akara has shamed many a cook several times. This is my no fail recipe for great… Continue reading Akara: A collection of 4 types of the ultimate Street food. 

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Beans Pottage

Its amazing how life changes you. Growing up , beans was one of my most hated meals. I hated eating many things as a child anyways, my mum still can't believe how I've turned around and become a foodie, I hated beans. Then life happened and I found myself married to a beans lover, and… Continue reading Beans Pottage

Bean Dishes

Adalu (Beans and Corn Pottage)

Beans and Corn Pottage is one of my favouriteest beans meal ever! Thankfully the corn season is starting, which means an abundant supply of fresh corn. My house assistant knows how much i love beans and corn, so when she saw corn in the market today, she bought it. I could hear the excitement in… Continue reading Adalu (Beans and Corn Pottage)

Bean Dishes


Shout out to everyone from Kwara State -my state by marriage- #ProudlyIgbominaWife. I fell deeper in love with Ekuru after marrying a Kwara man. Ekuru is a meal made by steaming blended beans. It's also Ofunloju by some. Ekuru is usually enjoyed with fried pepper sauce and Eko (Steamed White corn pudding). I learnt some… Continue reading Ekuru

Bean Dishes

Gbegiri (Beans Soup)with Pasta, Cod fish and Sweet Peppers

Inspired by Dooney's Kitchen and one Chicken noodle soup that haunted me all day the day before. Since I'm not eating chicken for now. I went with fish. Recipe 3 cooking spoons of pre made gbegiri 1 Cod fish (cut into bite sized chunks) 1/2 Red bell pepper (chopped ) 1/2 Green bell pepper (chopped… Continue reading Gbegiri (Beans Soup)with Pasta, Cod fish and Sweet Peppers