Rice Dishes

Ayamase Fried Rice

The initial plan was to make native rice, but I changed course and made fried rice inspired Ofada rice something something. I was at loss as to what to name it. But here we are. Thanks to bulk prepping, I pulled out frozen mixed vegetables from the freezer, as well as frozen boiled ayamase pepper.… Continue reading Ayamase Fried Rice

Rice Dishes

Native Jollof Rice (Yoruba Style Palm oil Rice)

My 8yr 10 month old son loves Iru. He would pick out iru from soup just to eat it separately. It's funny because at his age, I detested Iru, I would pick it and throw it out of my food. Now I enjoy it. For some Iru is an acquire taste, like black olives, kimchi… Continue reading Native Jollof Rice (Yoruba Style Palm oil Rice)

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Cooking Rice

You know how some seemingly easy to cook food, just throw you off! Rice can be one those! You even wonder if the times you ever cooked it right were a fluke! Growing up, I learnt many tips ranging from adding oil, butter or margarine to rice to prevent it from over cooking and turning… Continue reading Cooking Rice

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Money saver tips for Vegetable Fried Rice ingredients

Buying in bulk and storing can save you a ton of money. Every home manager loves to shave off an extra penny here and there from home keeping expenses and this is one of them. I was at the frozen foods section of a large supermarket chain recently and i saw the price on a… Continue reading Money saver tips for Vegetable Fried Rice ingredients

Rice Dishes

Fried Rice (Nigerian Style)

As a teenager fried rice was one dish I held down with confidence. I had no doubts I would be cooking Fried rice for my SSCE food and nutrition practical as well as Efo riro, I knew the invigilators would be hooked. I didn't want a repeat of the near disaster that happened during my… Continue reading Fried Rice (Nigerian Style)

Rice Dishes

Jollof Rice (Nigerian Style)

Last year the social media space was agog with the #jollofgate saga, thanks to the jollof rice recipe by Jamie Oliver, which many West Africans (esp Nigerians) thought was a sacrilege. I read the most hilarious comments about food ever. People take their food seriously I tell you. I sided with Jamie on the recipe… Continue reading Jollof Rice (Nigerian Style)