Rice Pudding

On the last day of our vacation in August, we arrived Virginia very early in the morning very tired - after an exciting week in Florida- and very hungry too. Le hubs cousin -who had been longing to host us-  treated us to a breakfast buffet at a nice Indian restaurant. The food was really… Continue reading Rice Pudding

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Ponmo (Pomo)Alata

Spicy Ponmo. Yummm! Ponmo is a delicacy! I don't know what the government thought they were saying, sometime last year, they want to ban Ponmo! We should put this curly cow hide on a national emblem already.I know a lot of people agree that ponmo is the truth. It's said that Ponmo has no nutritional… Continue reading Ponmo (Pomo)Alata


Avocado Cream (a healthy alternative to mayonnaise and salad cream)

Are you on a diet? Do you still add mayonnaise, salad cream and all the other high in unhealthy cholesterol stuff to your salads, because you can't stand dizzling it with olive oil, vinaigrette, etc.  This is a healthy alternative and it tastes as nice mayonnaise or salad cream. Avocado Cream. 2 avocados 1 1/4… Continue reading Avocado Cream (a healthy alternative to mayonnaise and salad cream)