Moin Cakes.

Good old moin moin with a face lift.  Le hubs thought I had made cup cakes when I stepped out of the kitchen with these. I had a good laugh and told him it was moinmoin made with cup cake molds and topped with mashed sweet potatoes.


2 cups honey beans
Jalapeno  Pepper
1 dried Cameroon pepper
*ginger (optional)

2 hard boiled eggs, sliced
1 Mackerel fish, deboned and shredded
Powdered smoked prawns
*Powdered eja osan (smoked catfish)
Meat stock
Seasoning cubes
Salt (to taste)
Vegetable oil

Soak and Peel beans. Blend/Grind Beans, Cameroon Pepper  Pepper, Onion,*ginger.

Mix beans paste continuously for about 10 mins, before you add, oil, eggs, fish, then season with, powdered smoked prawns, *eja osan, meat stock, seasoning cubes and salt.

Scoop paste into oiled cup cake tins or molds.

*Moinmoin is a steamed dish, always ensure that your moinmoin is elevated above the water in the pot it is cooked in, i use a steam pot
It should take between 20- 30 minutes to get the meal cooked.
Once done turn off the heat, take out the cooked moin moin from molds or tins and pipe the topping.
Serve warm.

For the topping.
3 Small sweet potatoes
3 sprigs of green onions and 1 scotch bonnet pepper,sautéed shrimps to garnish.

Peel and boil the potatoes till tender. Once done, purée using a blender or food processor .
Using a piping bag attached with a nozzle, pipe the potato mash on the moinmoin and garnish with green onions, chopped scotch Bonnet pepper  and sautéed shrimps.


So do you need ideas as to what to treat, your significant other to this valentine? I suggest you try this.
This is waistline friendly -balanced diet in piece-


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