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Ogbono Soup (Obe Apon) Plain style

A piping hot pot of Ogbono soup cooked in a local earthen ware pot called Ishasun (Isasun) Can you tell I'm enjoying cooking in my new set of earthenware pots. If you read the blog post before this one, you'd know what an adventure it was. I have two other posts on Ogbono on the… Continue reading Ogbono Soup (Obe Apon) Plain style

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Smoked Mackerel Sauce

Look at that gorgeous steam, the stew is still bubbling away in the earthen pot, few minutes after taking it off the stove. Earthen pots like this one are called "Isahsun" or "Isasun" in Yoruba I took my kid sister on a little shopping adventure. Recently my son remarked that he was getting metallic smells… Continue reading Smoked Mackerel Sauce

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Cowfoot Peppersoup

I certainly can't be the only one who thinks up things at odd hours, and I suddenly become restless until I execute it. A Facebook friend had mentioned finding cowfoot in her freezer, I think she planted the seed of cow foot pepper soup in my head. I went to my freezer and realised I… Continue reading Cowfoot Peppersoup

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Smoked Fried Stewed Panla

My mother in law made me fall in love with eating this fish. First time I saw her cooking it like this, I was intrigued. I had never seen anyone fry roasted panla (cod fish). And then she put it in some buka style stew (you know they stew that has meats, fish in it).… Continue reading Smoked Fried Stewed Panla

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Groundnut Soup Cameroon Style

I can't be the only one who goes to bed looking forward to a particular meal for the next day. Sometimes I start the meal prep for a particular dish the day before just to save cooking time. Sometimes it's a spur of the moment thing, like my mind just remembers, oh i haven't had… Continue reading Groundnut Soup Cameroon Style

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Ripe Plantain and Tripe Peppersoup

Shaki, (that is what we Yoruba people call Tripe) is about the only offal i eat. Others are not just my cup of tea. This is something I've wanted to eat in the last two weeks. Unfortunately it's not plantain season and I just got tired of paying so much for dead looking plantains. Thankfully… Continue reading Ripe Plantain and Tripe Peppersoup

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Native Fisherman Soup

I've heard that it's been said, that the way to a girl's heart is through seafood. Right? Lol! I totally made that up, but seafood sure is the way to my heart! A few days ago a facebook friend asked if I had a recipe for Native Fisherman soup on the blog, I realized I… Continue reading Native Fisherman Soup

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Bini Owo Soup

When I shared the recipe for Owho Soup the Urhobo version, a facebook asked if I had tried out the Bini version. I told her I hadn't and I would love to. She sent me a couple of video links. And it was quite intriguing. The cooking method is different from that of the Urohobos.… Continue reading Bini Owo Soup