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Iru/Dawadawa/Ogiri Okpei (Fermented Locust Beans)

In the St Louis Primary school, opposite our house in Orita Challenge, Ibadan. There was a big tree right in the centre of the school we called "komiko" tree. We snuck into the school compound when the school was closed and our parents were not home to collect the flowers of the tree, which is… Continue reading Iru/Dawadawa/Ogiri Okpei (Fermented Locust Beans)

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Paprika (Dried Tatashe)

Do you cook with dried tatashe? Tell me about the different ways you cook with it. I really like dried tatashe because it becomes sweeter when it is dried and differently not as spicy as dried pepper.Two of the ways I use it in my cooking include, rehydrating it in cold water for some hours… Continue reading Paprika (Dried Tatashe)

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Fluke spice mix

Mustard seeds, cinnamon, coriander seeds, fennel seeds, black pepper, dried mint I oscillate between cooking with seasoning cubes that contain MSG (monosodium glutamate) and not cooking at all with them for long periods. To be honest I do not care for arguments for or against using MSG, it's a sink hole I'm unwilling to explore.… Continue reading Fluke spice mix

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Mrs Alabi’s Fried Turkey Wings

If you attended ISI (The International School Ibadan between 1996 and 2004 chances are you will remember Mrs Alabi Turkey. Mrs Alabi was the biology teacher’s wife,  she didn’t have a stand at the stalls but she ran business from their apartment which was above the boys dormitory. Her husband was the House Master for… Continue reading Mrs Alabi’s Fried Turkey Wings

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Pap (Ogi/Akamu/ Koko/ Agidi)

3 grain Ogi spiced with Cloves and Ginger This fermented cereal pudding has different names in different cultures, some of the most popular names in Nigeria include Ogi , Akamu, Koko, Agidi. Popular across west Africa and in some Arab cultures. The consistency of pap is like that of custard or a curd sometimes lighter.… Continue reading Pap (Ogi/Akamu/ Koko/ Agidi)

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Cooking Rice

You know how some seemingly easy to cook food, just throw you off! Rice can be one those! You even wonder if the times you ever cooked it right were a fluke! Growing up, I learnt many tips ranging from adding oil, butter or margarine to rice to prevent it from over cooking and turning… Continue reading Cooking Rice

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Homemade Agege Bread

Homemade Agege Bread I find it interesting that since I started blogging in 2015, I don't have a recipe on the blog for Agege bread. Weird right. I have for PaniPopo bread rolls which I absolutely love,you should check the recipe out. An egbon of mine DM'ed me a few days ago to send her… Continue reading Homemade Agege Bread

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Egg Roll

It's day 4 of the Covid Lockdown extension (in total we have spent 22days indoors). It seems the kids have decided that cooking will always be their get-out-of-boredom card. That will totally not be a problem of they don't keep trying to drag me along . They have asked me for Egg Rolls now it's… Continue reading Egg Roll

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Money saver tips for Vegetable Fried Rice ingredients

Buying in bulk and storing can save you a ton of money. Every home manager loves to shave off an extra penny here and there from home keeping expenses and this is one of them. I was at the frozen foods section of a large supermarket chain recently and i saw the price on a… Continue reading Money saver tips for Vegetable Fried Rice ingredients