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Cowfoot Peppersoup

I certainly can't be the only one who thinks up things at odd hours, and I suddenly become restless until I execute it. A Facebook friend had mentioned finding cowfoot in her freezer, I think she planted the seed of cow foot pepper soup in my head. I went to my freezer and realised I… Continue reading Cowfoot Peppersoup

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Creamy Noodle and Chicken Soup

The cultures that include coconut milk in alot of their cooking are balling! The flavour is so beautiful and delicious. It rained and I wanted something warm spicy soup, chewable, and filling. And I thought to pair noodles with coconut milk. When I have noodles, I love to have it with broth. We can have… Continue reading Creamy Noodle and Chicken Soup

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Ripe Plantain and Tripe Peppersoup

Shaki, (that is what we Yoruba people call Tripe) is about the only offal i eat. Others are not just my cup of tea. This is something I've wanted to eat in the last two weeks. Unfortunately it's not plantain season and I just got tired of paying so much for dead looking plantains. Thankfully… Continue reading Ripe Plantain and Tripe Peppersoup

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Tres Leche Dalgona Coffee

Happy hour version of the Dalgona coffee! Just because... Or didn't you know coffee and liquer are a perfect match. I along with millions of other people around the world caught the Dalgona bug. This made me drink instant coffee again. Until the Dalgona buzz I had stopped drinking instant coffee. I bought fantastic coffee… Continue reading Tres Leche Dalgona Coffee


Natural Remedies for Indigestion

Being a foodie has some downsides. I occasionally have indigestion. I shared on the blog some of my natural remedies for indigestion. Fennel seeds , Greek yogurt, Lemon water, Lemon mint water. I like adding crushed candies to my fennel sides, because that is how I first had it in an Indian restaurant. I buy fennel seeds from hausa spice sellers. It's pleasant tasting, tastes like liquorice, adding candy makes it more pleasant. I chew a handful and relieves indigestion. Same with Yogurt, Lemon slice in water. What natural remedies do you use for indigestion.

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Mango Cream

Two ingredients is all you need! Mango Juice and Heavy Cream and you will be Mango cream heaven! I know right!! Super easy Oh and you need a blender or a mixer to whip them both together Procedure 1 Cup Mango Juice (Fresh Mango Juice works best) 3/4 Cup Heavy Cream (in Nigerian stores they… Continue reading Mango Cream

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Yaay I made Sourdough Bread

My first attempt ever at making Sourdough bread. As a first timer that made a couple rookie errors I don't feel like I'm an authority to give any sort of recipe yet. I'd just share what making it was like. Not quite the crumb i was looking forward too, but not bad for a first… Continue reading Yaay I made Sourdough Bread

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Super Moist Chocolate Cake

Before becoming the lazy baker that I now am, I have used this fail safe recipe for the most sinfully delicious chocolate cake for years! Until I fell i hot hooked on premix. The inclusion of coffee and vinegar gives me an amazing result. This is one of the reasons I always have at least… Continue reading Super Moist Chocolate Cake