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Iru/Dawadawa/Ogiri Okpei (Fermented Locust Beans)

In the St Louis Primary school, opposite our house in Orita Challenge, Ibadan. There was a big tree right in the centre of the school we called "komiko" tree. We snuck into the school compound when the school was closed and our parents were not home to collect the flowers of the tree, which is… Continue reading Iru/Dawadawa/Ogiri Okpei (Fermented Locust Beans)

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Paprika (Dried Tatashe)

Do you cook with dried tatashe? Tell me about the different ways you cook with it. I really like dried tatashe because it becomes sweeter when it is dried and differently not as spicy as dried pepper.Two of the ways I use it in my cooking include, rehydrating it in cold water for some hours… Continue reading Paprika (Dried Tatashe)

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Fluke spice mix

Mustard seeds, cinnamon, coriander seeds, fennel seeds, black pepper, dried mint I oscillate between cooking with seasoning cubes that contain MSG (monosodium glutamate) and not cooking at all with them for long periods. To be honest I do not care for arguments for or against using MSG, it's a sink hole I'm unwilling to explore.… Continue reading Fluke spice mix

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Hot and Spicy Beef with Skin on

"Asun", spicy grilled goat meat was the inspiration for this. And since I didn't have any goat meat in the freezer, I used beef with the skin on. Beef with skin on is called "Agemawo" in Yoruba. And Agemawo meat is in two forms. The hair of the cow can be removed either by burning… Continue reading Hot and Spicy Beef with Skin on

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Ogbono Soup (Obe Apon) Plain style

A piping hot pot of Ogbono soup cooked in a local earthen ware pot called Ishasun (Isasun) Can you tell I'm enjoying cooking in my new set of earthenware pots. If you read the blog post before this one, you'd know what an adventure it was. I have two other posts on Ogbono on the… Continue reading Ogbono Soup (Obe Apon) Plain style

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Smoked Mackerel Sauce

Look at that gorgeous steam, the stew is still bubbling away in the earthen pot, few minutes after taking it off the stove. Earthen pots like this one are called "Isahsun" or "Isasun" in Yoruba I took my kid sister on a little shopping adventure. Recently my son remarked that he was getting metallic smells… Continue reading Smoked Mackerel Sauce

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Strawberry Yogurt Cake

First food blog for 2021! Can you tell I've gone back back to my incognito ways pre- covid! Lol Cooking up a storm and not posting pictures. But when I made this cake it was too pretty not to share with you. Don't judge me but I've eaten half of the cake all by myself.… Continue reading Strawberry Yogurt Cake

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It’s my 6th “blogiversary”

Yaaaay! 6 years ago I created this blog to document my food therapies. I discovered my love for breaking food down into simple recipes on Facebook, as a member of the group SYTYCC (So You Think You Can Cook). I thought having a Facebook was sufficient, but I had a circle of people ( I… Continue reading It’s my 6th “blogiversary”

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Chocolate Banana Cake

Here is a beautiful delicious recipe you can try for the holidays. Traditionally festive cakes during christmas are spiced cakes. Many would be getting fruit cakes, boozy cakes, spiced cakes in the christmas hampers already. You can switch it up and do a regular chocolate banana cake This cake finished within minutes of it getting… Continue reading Chocolate Banana Cake