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Groundnut Soup Cameroon Style

I can't be the only one who goes to bed looking forward to a particular meal for the next day. Sometimes I start the meal prep for a particular dish the day before just to save cooking time. Sometimes it's a spur of the moment thing, like my mind just remembers, oh i haven't had… Continue reading Groundnut Soup Cameroon Style

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Lemon Blueberry Pound Cake

My favourite cake ever! I've been looking for blueberries since the the lockdown began, I couldn't find any! Thankfully I found some this week. I did a dance when I was told blueberries was available. All I had on my mind was folding them into my cake I forgot to save some for a photo… Continue reading Lemon Blueberry Pound Cake


Twisted Lemon Doughnuts with Lemon Syrup

Lemon is my favourite citrus to cook with. It is such a versatile citrus, from sweets to savory, seafood to meats it works beautifully with almost everything. And so why not doughnuts. Twisting the dough is the twist to this doughnut. Yikes... that joke fell flat on its face. Whatever you get it... right. Anyhoo,… Continue reading Twisted Lemon Doughnuts with Lemon Syrup

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Ripe Plantain and Tripe Peppersoup

Shaki, (that is what we Yoruba people call Tripe) is about the only offal i eat. Others are not just my cup of tea. This is something I've wanted to eat in the last two weeks. Unfortunately it's not plantain season and I just got tired of paying so much for dead looking plantains. Thankfully… Continue reading Ripe Plantain and Tripe Peppersoup

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Native Jollof Rice (Yoruba Style Palm oil Rice)

My 8yr 10 month old son loves Iru. He would pick out iru from soup just to eat it separately. It's funny because at his age, I detested Iru, I would pick it and throw it out of my food. Now I enjoy it. For some Iru is an acquire taste, like black olives, kimchi… Continue reading Native Jollof Rice (Yoruba Style Palm oil Rice)

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Cream of Prawn Soup

Warm creamy hearty bowl of soup. A great starter soup. Suitable for any time the day. Dazzle with this super easy to make bowl of soup. I enjoy having it with fresh bread rolls. I woke up pretty early today to get Panipopo bread going. I had left the dough in the fridge over night… Continue reading Cream of Prawn Soup