Mango / Banana Lassi

Mango / Banana Lassi

Happy Valentine’s Day All.
My waist line is obviously in serious trouble today. Le hubs ordered the most decadent Red Velvet/ Chocolate Cake with Cream Chess frosting, strawberry glaze, chocolate chips ….. all those things that are not diet friendly! I have to spend a whole week in penitence for these sins.
After one slice of cake I made Mango/ Banana Lassi


A classic Mango Lassi recipe includes yogurt but I can’t add that to mine after that cake.

•    1 Cup Mango Juice (the mangoes I have are still quite thready so I juiced it first)
•    2 Small Bananas
•    1/8 tsp Cardamom seeds (just about 1 clove)

Freeze all ingredients and in a blender, blend all till smooth.

Serve and garnish as you like.


I garnished this using banana cut into heart shapes, I soaked some in liquid red food for effects.


See the picture below for how to make heart shaped banana slices.


Now this is waistline friendly.

P.S Mangoes are now in season so you should give this a try.


4 thoughts on “Mango / Banana Lassi

    1. Dolapo,
      You can get Cardamom from the spice rack in shoprite or check any stores that caters to Indians e.g VCARE, Osata, Spar e.t.c


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