Ipekere  (Plantain Chips)

Ipekere (Plantain Chips)

How to make Ipekere

i made these whilst the boys were watching a football match

Use unripe plantains.

Light green plantain, my personal preference

I prefer the light green type as the plantain is easier to peel and it tastes slighty sweet.

–    Cut plantain by making four vertical slashes on the sides and lift the peel.

–    Using a potato peeler (I favour a potato peeler)or a small sharp knife slice in your preferred shape. It has to be very thin slices, you achieve this better with a potato peeler.

–    Using a deep pan, heat the oil till very hot and fry.

Try dipping the slices in individually, they stick together if it is dumped in at once, and the chips take on the shape they entered the oil in.

–    For added flavour you can fry onions and fresh ginger along side or sprinkle, cayenne pepper or ginger or onion powder on the plantain slices before you fry.

–    Fry chips till golden brown, take out and strain in a seive lined with a paper towel.  If you didnt add any spices before frying, toss with some salt and pepper or salt and ginger or any other desired spice. 

–    If the oil is well strained you can keep in an airtight container for as long as 3-8 days. For large batches I fry lightly brown and after frying and straining I lay in an oven pan and allow it to dry a little bit in the oven. It is more crispy and crunchy and the shelf life is longer.

Ipekere with my favorite 5 Chillies Jam

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