Plain Okra Soup with a lift.

Plain Okra Soup with a lift.

I love love Ila Asepo (should I call it Okra Soup Medley or Concoction Okra Soup)  but I don’t cook it much because my husband is not a fan. Click here  the recipe for Ila Asepo  One of those nights when I had Okra Soup on the menu, I tried being the good girl that I am and made plain Okra but added some mackerel and Efirin  ( African Sweet Basil/ Scent leaves ) so I could get a feel of my Ila Asepo (no oil no pepper). image I topped it off with Goat meat stew.


•   Okra

•   Sliced Efirin (as little or as much as you want.

•   Pre – cooked Mackerel (any fish of your choice is great )

•   Locust beans (Iru)

•   Salt

•   Bouillon Cubes  (Maggi,  Knorr etc)


–   Wash and grate Okra with a grater.

Use this part of the grater to grate the Okra

–   Bring some water to boil in a pot add locust beans,  about 1 tablespoon. Add salt, bouillon, powdered crayfish if you got, Leave for about a minute and add the Okra, Efirin and Mackerel. Turn down the heat and cook for between 3 – 5 minutes so as not to over cook the  vegetables. Okra has a lot of nutrients and it can easily get destroyed by over cooking.

You can top it with stew or eat it alone. image

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