Fonio Porridge – Acha Porridge

Fonio Porridge – Acha Porridge

Acha Porridge a brilliant breakfast cereal.

Since pantry surfing and discovering the pack of Fonio (Acha) I had previously forgotten, I have been having fun with it. And I particularly find Acha Porridge (Acha Pudding) delightful. It is a lot better than eating Oats hands down. And absolutely more nutritious too. Blended to flour you can make baked goods and swallow (Tuwo Acha) from it.

Fonio (Acha) grains. Fonio is native to West Africa and is said to be the oldest grain ever cultivated. Fonio (Acha) is gluten-free and is considered a superfood as it is packed full of nutrients

Fonio is so easy to cook, I found online a Bambara saying “Fonio never embarrasses the cook”. And I intend to cook it in so many ways both sweet and savoury. I particularly really enjoy eating Gwote, a staple eaten in Plateau State, Nigeria and Fonio Pancakes too.

“Fonio never embarrasses the cook”

– Old Bambara Proverb
Fonio coconut milk porridge (pudding)


To make Fonio/Acha porridge (pudding) you need

  • ½ cup Fonio/Acha
  • 2 cups water (or Coconut milk)
  • Sugar (optional)
  • a pinch of salt
  • *¼ tsp cloves powder
  • ½ tsp ginger powder
*asterisked items are optional but recommended


  • Bring water or coconut milk to a simmer (Coconut milk is my personal preference)
  • Add Fonio (clove and ginger powder)
  • Turn heat down
  • Stir till translucent, add sugar or sweetener

Serve warm.

Simple Acha Porridge without Coconut milk or Spices. Delicious still

There are so many ways you can serve your Fonio/Acha porridge (Acha Pudding). Though I recommend a side of fruits.

Fonio (Acha) Porridge (Pudding) with tangerine slice, dates and wild berries.

It makes for a great power up breakfast. Check out the recipe for Rice Pudding while you are here, you will like it.

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