Paprika (Dried Tatashe)

Paprika (Dried Tatashe)

Do you cook with dried tatashe? Tell me about the different ways you cook with it.

I really like dried tatashe because it becomes sweeter when it is dried and differently not as spicy as dried pepper.
Two of the ways I use it in my cooking include, rehydrating it in cold water for some hours and blending it with some tomatoes (tastes better without tomatoes) and peppers for stew. I’d post a picture of the rehydrated version soon.

Another way is blending it into powder, now it becomes Paprika Powder and I can use it as seasoning or as spice rub or any recipe that calls for paprika. I don’t remove the seeds before sending it to the local mill for grinding.

Tatashe is the popular Nigerian name for Capsicum annum.

Paprika powder

6 thoughts on “Paprika (Dried Tatashe)

  1. Please if dried Tatashe is paprika, then what is fresh Tatashe called? Paprika too I presume?.
    But I also know it’s called red bell pepper.
    So basically what’s the difference and how can I get fresh paprika if it’s not the same as fresh Tatashe?


    1. The difference sometimes is just dependent on which country you are in and the name it is called. What we call tatashe could be called, different names is several other countries.

      Similarly there are different breeds, species, hybrids or peppers that look similar physically but the difference boils down to its taste, how hot or spicy it is and the flavour profile.


      1. Thanks for your response. Am in Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

        Kindly confirm if fresh Tatashe is same as paprika. if not, then please what is paprika called.


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