Paprika (Dried Tatashe)

Paprika (Dried Tatashe)

Do you cook with dried tatashe? Tell me about the different ways you cook with it.

I really like dried tatashe because it becomes sweeter when it is dried and differently not as spicy as dried pepper.
Two of the ways I use it in my cooking include, rehydrating it in cold water for some hours and blending it with some tomatoes (tastes better without tomatoes) and peppers for stew. I’d post a picture of the rehydrated version soon.

Another way is blending it into powder, now it becomes Paprika Powder and I can use it as seasoning or as spice rub or any recipe that calls for paprika. I don’t remove the seeds before sending it to the local mill for grinding.

Tatashe is the popular Nigerian name for Capsicum annum.

Paprika powder

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