Soymilk (Soya Milk)

Soymilk (Soya Milk)

Soya (Soy) Milk is one of the most popular sources of non-dairy milk. It is favoured by vegetarians, people with lactose intolerance and special diets. Soya (Soy) Milk is a plant-based milk derived from Soya Beans. It is not only a great alternative to dairy milk, it is loaded with nutritional benefits.

Pros of soy milk

It’s a good source of potassium and can be fortified with vitamins A, B-12, and D, as well as calcium.

It contains as much protein as cow’s milk, yet is lower in calories than whole milk and about equal to the calories in 1 per cent or 2 per cent milk.

It contains very little saturated fat.

Cons of soy milk

Soy is a common allergen for both adults and children.

Most of the soy produced in the United States comes from genetically modified plants, which is a concern to some.


My mum made this a lot for us when we were kids. She often added powdered soya into her babies meals to make them more nutrient-dense. I recall us once using Soya powder in place of egusi to make soup, very delicious.

Soy milk is not only very nutritious, but it is also refreshing and there was a time it was so popular it was hawked on streets. You can find Soya (Soy) Milk in stores under different brand names. However homemade Soya (Soy) tastes better by far.

The key ingredients for making Soya (Soy) Milk are Soya Beans and Water and you can make great tasting homemade Soymilk in a few simple steps.


  • Soya (Soy) Beans
  • Water
  • Sugar (or sweetener of choice)
  • *Vanilla essence
  • *Ginger, Cloves, Nutmeg
* Items in asterisks are optional.


  • Sort the beans to remove impurities especially if you bought the unsorted ones from the open market
  • Rinse thoroughly and soak for a few minutes. The outer coat of Soya beans is a little tough to remove, so soaking for a few minutes will soften it first.
  • Peel the beans to remove the outer coat, rinse and repeat continuously until all the coat is removed.
  • In a blender or industrial mill, grind the beans to a smooth paste thick with water.
  • Add water twice the amount of the paste, into the paste. And mix it till it is loose.
  • Get a sieve cloth (muslin or cheesecloth) the type for Ogi and sieve out the milk from the beans chaff. Squeeze till all the milk is out.
  • Add a little more water to the chaff and squeeze one more time. This is to ensure you get out all the milk.
  • In a large pot (you need a very large pot because soya milk froths over), pour in the raw milk and boil. Add sugar, and another flavouring or spices you will be adding
  • You will need to stand over the pot as you cook this, to skim off the froth and to watch it to keep it from boiling over.
  • Cook for at least 30 mins, on medium heat, if frothing take off heat, let it settle a bit, turn the heat down, and continue boiling.
  • Once boiled turn heat off and allow to cool down completely.
  • Once cooked you might find some skin had formed on top of your Soymilk, discard it.
  • Sieve one more time with cloth and fill into airtight bottles.
  • Refrigerate immediately. I like to flash freeze for 5 hours before refrigerating.


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