Fried Catfish

Fried Catfish

Personally I think this is the best way to eat fresh catfish. Nothing beats the taste of fried catfish, whether in soups or stews or as a side dish or main dish , fried catfish holds its own any day. This is how I make mine.


  • Fresh Catfish
  • Vegetable oil
  • Flour (all purpose is best but, I use any I find in the house)
  • Salt
  • Spices of your choice. (cayenne pepper, ginger powder, black pepper…)

  • *Citrus juice (orange, lime or lemon juice)


  • Wash your fresh catfish thoroughly to get rid of the slime, I wash under a running tap. Some people use salt or lime, alum. I prefer to wash it under water from the tap till I feel no slime.
  • Season with your spices of choice and salt.
  • Marinate it for a little over an hour in the fridge -it doesn’t have to be in the fridge- the longer you marinate the more the flavours develop. I like to marinate it overnight.
  • Before frying, strain the fish in a colander or sieve to strain excess liquid off.

    Option 1
  • To fry heat oil till really hot , pour in some flour -about a handful- , stir the flour into the oil so it doesn’t curdle up, after about 10 secs put in the marinated catfish and fry to your desired crisp.

    Option 2
  • Lightly flour the catfish before putting it in the hot oil to fry.
  • You can turn the sides of the catfish after each side has fried for about 1 min.

    If you are frying a large batch the flour might change colour. When the oil gets darker than golden brown, decant the oil and take out the burnt flour, you can return the oil to the heat and add fresh flour to fry the next batch. 

Voila! Enjoy your Catfish, Eja Aro, Point and Kill

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