Ginger Milk

Ginger Milk

Warm Ginger Milk, to keep you warm and toasty on a rainy day.

This milk warms you up from the inside. It’s warm spicy and comforting on a cold day. We have had a lot of rains the past week as such I’ve had a lot of warm ginger milk.

The best thing about this recipe is you can use any kind of milk you like, dairy or plant-based, evaporated powder milk or coconut milk are my preferences.

All you need is milk, ginger, some water, and your sweetener of choice.



  • Fresh Ginger (ginger powder can be used alternatively)
  • Milk
  • Hot water
  • Sweetener of choice


  • Wash and peel the skin off your fresh ginger. (Skip to step 3 if you are using ginger powder)
  • Using a grater or blender, grate or blend ginger
  • Infuse grated or blended ginger in hot water to allow the flavour to seep in till it is well infused in the water.
  • Strain out the ginger pulp with a mesh cloth or sieve.
  • Add milk slowly but whisk it very fast.
  • Sweeten and enjoy.
Personally I do the entire process in a blender. I blend my fresh ginger in a blender with hot water, then I slowly add milk as it is blending, if I'm using a sweetener I add it. Then I strain to remove ginger pulp and drink. 
*I do this when I use diary milk particularly because depending on the acidity in the ginger, milk can curdle or separate because of the presence of ginger. *

Spiced Milk

If you like to be a little extra, you can pack the Milk fuller with antioxidant-rich allspice spices. Like in the image below, I added cloves+cinnamon +nutmeg+ginger. The procedure is the same as above.

Tuck in!

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