Happy New Year; 2023

Happy New Year; 2023

Happy New Year blog family.

May this year be for you all you hope for and more. I pray that everything you have faith for, you are looking forward to, trusting for comes.

Thank you all for following this passion project since I started it in 2015, in a few weeks it would be 8yrs since I started this blog (9 yrs since I started sharing recipes online). I do this for posterity, so that someday in decades to come, there is a written journal of my food therapies for not just my descendants but for several people to refer to.

Do you have goals for this year? Or would you be making them as you go?

This year one of my goals for this blog is to document a lot more recipes from the northern part of Nigeria particularly the very many variants of desserts. I would be honouring my mum’s northern heritage through food this year.

I would also be seeking to journal rare recipes that are indigenous and native to minority ethnicities in Nigeria. If you have specific recipes indigenous to your village please share them with me, I would do justice to them and showcase them here.

Once again, have an amazing year!

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