Making Lactobacillus with White Sugar

Making Lactobacillus with White Sugar

I’m trying a lot of DIY organic elements this year with my garden. My first project is Lactobacillus serum also called LAB. While I was researching how to make LAB I only saw recipes that use Molasses or Brown Sugar. I chose to use white sugar not only because I didn’t have either molasses or brown, but because I wanted to see what results it would give.
My guess is that the preference for brown sugar or molasses is because those have not been stripped of many trace nutrients during the production process and possibly white sugar may contain more chemicals than brown sugar or molasses. Like I said just my assumption. It could very much mean everyone is using the recipe they were handed.

What is LAB (Lactobacillus Serum)?

How is Lactobacillus Serum used?

How to make LAB with white Sugar

Most recipes say 1 leave for one week, just I live in tropical West Africa, its summer all year round, my rice water was ready by day 2.

*Side Note*
Basically, lactobacillus serum needs starch to get started. For my next attempt, I would be experimenting with Garri starch.

To make LAB serum you need dairy milk and not plant-based milk. “LACT” in Latin refers to dairy milk. You can use any form of dairy milk. I’ve used evaporated milk in both liquid and powdered form and it worked fine.

You can use a cheesecloth to sieve the milk impurities out of the whey. The curd can also be fed to poultry. I don’t have poultry so into the compost bin it went.

How to activate LAB


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