Propagating Rubber Plant by Air Layering

Propagating Rubber Plant by Air Layering

Rubber Plants Propagated by Air Layering

My first attempt at air layering was very successful.
I air layered branches of two of my Ficus Elastica (Rubber Plant) and in a little over a month, they both had full root systems.

🌱 Air layering is a form of propagation in which the branch is potted or wrapped in a moist growing medium to promote root growth.

🌱 To do this I selected a viable branch, used a sterilized knife to peel about 1inch wide, ¼ inch deep of the bark to expose the soft inside.
Then I used cling film to wrap the exposed part with moist compost and soil firmly. I poked a few holes in the film to allow aeration and water in. I waited a few weeks and boom I had a new plant.

This is the fastest ever I have propagated a rubber plant, and I shared a video of me successfully propagating the plant on Instagram

I also attempted a hack I’ve been seeing on TikTok, propagating leaves of ficus elastic. The leaves rooted and formed pretty nice roots, however I’ve come to learn that I unless there is a node, it will pretty much remain a leaf and never grow into a rubber plant.

Just maybe by a stroke of luck, a node will appear on this rooted leaf and it would grow into a plant. *wink

At the time of making this post, I’ve had more cuttings in water for about 7 weeks, which aren’t dead, however, they have refused to root, I made a decision to transfer them into the soil. I believe that will work.

Enjoy more pictures of my new propagated Rubber Plants

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