Struggling Indoor Plants

Struggling Indoor Plants

This post was inspired by a question on my Facebook gardening group
A member had purchased a really gorgeous wine anthurium and peace lilies and had placed them at aesthetically pleasing locations in her living room. But her plants were dying.

I don’t have any live plants inside my flat.
I tried in the past and failed woefully. The tips I’ve shared below are from my experience. The way my apartment is constructed, it cannot accommodate live plants indoors. As a new gardener, I almost stopped believing there can be indoor plants. I lost quite many plants.
I also believe as a rule of thumb that flowering plants should always be in the bright outdoors.

If your indoor plants are struggling, some of these may be why. Of course, the reasons are not limited to only the queries I raised here.

Before you get carried away by pictures of staged apartments featuring lots of plants know these things or you will just waste money

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