Travelling with Plants

Travelling with Plants

I was in Abuja for about a week, Whilst in Abuja, I shopped for a few plants.

With a baggage allowance of 20kg, I had to choose between shipping through a shipping company or carrying in my luggage.

I’m no stranger to travelling with plants in my luggage locally and internationally, so I had no worries.

Succulents are the easiest to carry and remove completely from soil wrap in a dry newspaper or paper towel.

While shopping, I usually ask the garden centre to reduce the soil considerably in each plant. Many times, I could combine up to 6 plants into one big pot. It makes it less messy when I’m removing the last bits of soil in my hotel room.

*Note that for some jurisdictions (Internationally) you may be required by law to carry a certificate for plants to show at the port of entry. Please check the laws of every country you are carrying plants to and from, in some jurisdictions, it is illegal to move any plants in or from state lines or internationally. If you break the law, your plants may be confiscated, and or you pay a fine.

In this reel, I detailed how I packed my plants to make them easy to carry from Abuja. None of the plants was damaged.

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Some sights from my shopping.

All in all, I had a pretty fun trip, got nice plants at good bargains too.

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