Ofada Rice Stir Fry with Roasted Chicken

Sometime ago in #fitfam land some people where tormenting me with awesome pictures Bulgar Stir fry.  And as I don’t have access to Bulgar I made up my mind I’d do it with Rice. And because I’m weight watching if I have to eat rice , it has to be Ofada Rice for me.

Who knew Ofada Rice could look this good.

This is quite simple to make.
Ofada Rice
Olive (or any Vegetable) oil
Seasoning cubes
Mixed Vegetables (carrots,green peas,spring onions, red/yellow/green bell pepper, cherry tomatoes)
Locust beans (mashed)
Shredded Smoked fish
Powdered Smoked prawns
Chopped onions.

Cook Ofada Rice rice with a little salt and set aside.
In a wok, heat up about a tbsp of olive, add onions and mashed locust beans, stir till the onion is tender. Then add shredded Smoked fish, keep stiring, then add the mixed vegetables, season with salt, seasoning cubes and powdered smoked prawns. When the vegetables are slightly  tender add the rice and stir into the vegetables.

Look how the brown on the rice nicely contrasts with all the vibrant colours of the vegetables! You said a healthy meal should be boring

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