Spaghetti in Pepper Soup

Two days ago I got so caught up with work (Fontaine De Vie) that I didn’t realise that is was past time to fix dinner. By then le hubs was only 30mins away from home! Off I ran into the kitchen , still not sure what I’d cook, then my eyes fell on some spaghetti and I started to rummage through the spice rack. Well the result of my rush work mix pour was this


I didn’t take pictures two nights ago as there was no time for that, so I remade it tonight.

PepperSoup spice
Cameroon pepper 
Shredded beef
Shredded smoked fish
Bouillon Cubes
*Efrin leaves (garnish)

One pot meal. Cook  all -except the shrimps- in water that  is slightly more than enough to cook the spaghetti through, So as to have some pepper soup broth. Add shrimps 5 mins before you turn off the heat.
Serve hot


I also took on the #500nairachallenge #500nairahealthymealchallenge #sytyccbudget. So i remade this on a budget of 500 naira for a family of 4. Here

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