I took on a challenge thrown out by SYTYCC


We have been challenged to cook a healthy meal for a family of 4 with 500 naira or $15 or £10 or whatever the equivalent is, in your country.
I challenged followers on IG too


Let’s make this trend.

So i remade my Spaghetti with PepperSoup only on a tight budget this time.

Items I went overboard by 10 naira due to a last minute onion purchase, I would do better for my next challenge.

1. Spaghetti 110
2. Eggs (25 naira each)  100
3. Fish bits 100 (bought from mallams that sell smoked fish, they sell broken bits separately)
4. Knorr 20
5. Onion 10
6. Salt 30
7. Pepper soup ground spice 50
8. Cameron Pepper 20
9. Veg oil 1/4 bottle 70

Simple one pot meal. All ingredients go in  at the same time. Cook with a little too much water so you can have some broth for the spaghetti to swim in. You don’t need all the oil and salt is only to taste.

Healthy meal for a family of 4 on a budget of 500 naira

Errm since I’d still have Oil and salt left I technically didn’t spend 500 naira
#500naira #letscreate. Tell a friend to tell a friend. Let make this a movement #500nairachallenge #500nairahealthymealchallenge #sytyccbudget

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