Tuwo Shinkafa made with a food processor

Tuwo Shinkafa

One more reason to own a food processor
For the last five days or there about, I have craved tuwo Shinkafa. I got to make it this afternoon, and instead of sweating it out in front of the heat, trying to mash the rice in the pot I poured it in the food processor.

Recipe / Procedure
1. Long or medium grain rice. Some people use Jasmine rice and it gets soft very fast. Personally  I prefer ofada rice.

2. Enough water to cook the rice till really soft. I cook till as soft as my almost toothless 90 yr old grandma would like it.

3. Once the water has dried out, pour rice in food processor and blend, till all is blended and clumps together.
Note, Tuwo Shinkafa is not very smooth so it may have a slightly coarse consistency.

Enjoy with your favourite soup.
I had mine with Gbegiri and I chuckled when I realised I was eating Rice and Beans in another form.

Tuwo Shinkafa

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