Coconutty Spaghetti and Meatballs

Coconutty Spaghetti and Meatballs

image I have loads of pictures and recipes on the Facebook page, which has been quite functional for a bit .  It might take me time to migrate all the recipes and pictures, but I’d take them one day at a time. I’m in love with Thai food, I find the blend of ingredients such as Pineapple,  coconut,  lemongrass, chillies,  rice …. which is reminiscent of an island quite exciting. I flirt with my Thai spices a lot, hence the use of coconut in this.



Tomato Paste

Fresh pepper (rough chopped)

Onion (rough chopped)

Shredded fresh Coconut

Coconut oil

Exotic Thai Spice

Sweet Basil

Salt Seasoning

*quick note you can still recreate this recipe without having all of the spices listed in the recipe. Just make it your own way. In a pot bring some water to boil, add the ingredients starting with coconut, cook till the spaghetti is well cooked, let there be some juice left in it.

For Meat Balls

1. Minced Beef (you can make your own mince by passing your cut beef through a mincer or by cubing the beef and blending in the dry mill of your blender )

2. Chopped onions and Pepper

3. Fresh or dry Rosemary

4. Fresh or dry Parsley

5. Salt

6. Butter

7. Olive oil or vegetable oil to fry Mix all ingredients together and make into balls. image Then shallow fry till done  Enjoy

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