Spicy Creamy Potato and Leek Soup with Prawns.


I made this soup one morning when I woke up and just couldn’t think of what to make for breakfast, and the Hubs was on leave and had to be fed brekkie. I opened the refrigerator and the first thing I saw was Leeks. I took them out still not knowing what to do with them when my eyes caught the Irish Potatoes in the corner and I had a light bulb moment. Potato and Leek Soup. Added pepper to suit the taste buds of my African man.

Leeks (clean and chop)
Scotch Bonnet/Ata rodo
Mixed Herbs 
Black Pepper 
Chicken or Beef Stock
Fish Sauce or your favorite seasoning cubes. 

In a pot, boil potatoes, Leek, scotch bonnet (whole), garlic till tender. 
While the potatoes are boiling, clean and devine your shrimps. Then marinate shrimps in lemon juice and fish sauce or seasoning cubes.
When the potatoes are tender scoop them out with the pepper, garlic, some of the Leek, and the butter into a blender and blend till smooth. Return it into the pot and the water you boiled it in. At this point I added about a tablespoon of freshly chopped Leek.
Add spices i. e mixed herbs, black pepper and the stock if you have or seasoning cubes. When it starts to bubble, turn the heat down and add the Prawns. Turn off the heat about 3-5 minutes after adding the prawns.

I served mine with toasted Agege Bread Slices


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