Vegetable Stew


I was at my friend Jumoke Leo-Adeosun ‘s place last week Saturday and coincidentally she was making lunch just as I drove in -i sabi waka well abi- . So of course I joined her in the kitchen and we cooked and chatted happily away. She served me this amazing plate of vegetable stew with Fried Plantain and I promised to replicate it.
Just think stew with some vegetable added and you got this. The vegetable added is very sparing so as not to over power the stew.

1. Blended Pepper Mix ( Tomatoes /Scotch Bonnet/ Jalapeño / Onion)
2. Cooked Assorted Meats or fish ( meat, ponmo, tripe, Cowleg, snails, smoked fish,  whatever rocks your boat )
3. Ugu Leaves (sliced thinly)
4. Stock
5. Salt
6. Bouillon Cubes
7. Vegetable oil or Palm oil
8. *Powdered Crayfish (optional)
9. *Iru ( locust beans, optional )

Heat up oil, and add blended pepper mix, add meat stock, taste and if need be season with bouillon cubes and salt.
When the pepper is cooked (you know it is done when it no longer tastes raw)add your assorted meats or fish, powdered crayfish and  iru. Allow to cook on medium heat for 10 mins to allow the meats absorb the stew flavour.
Sprinkle your thinly sliced vegetable and turn the heat down. Don’t over cook your vegetable , I try not to cook vegetable for longer than 5 mins.
You can eat the stew alone or with any other starchy food of choice.


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