Bean and Yam Pottage

Last night I made a beautiful dream out of one of my childhood nightmares.
See as a child I did not like food. Asking me to go and eat was sort of like a punishment. I was a very picky fussy eater and this went on into my late teenage years. I used to forget to eat and was content to go on an empty stomach. At the age of 19, I stood at 5 ft 7 and weighed 51 kg at my heaviest. Of course all that is history now, I’m 5 ft 7, weigh 73kg that is what two pregnancies and good food does to your body.

Well my mum hated to see food go to waste and as such a combination of yam and beans was certain when there was a left over of both. For me that was just traumatic. I hated beans as a meal on its own and I really didn’t care for yam, and the only genius plan mother:- dearest could come up with was mix both!!!
No telling that half the time, it ended in the trash.
So i don’t know why Beans and Yam would cross my mind for dinner.
And to think I didn’t do anything fancy to it and I still liked it.


3 1/2 cups Honey Beans (Ewa Oloyin)
2 1/2 cups yam cubes
1 cooking spoon Palm oil or more
1 cup blended pepper and onion mix
Chopped assorted meats and fish
Meat Stock
1 tbsp Powdered Crayfish (blend with some Cameroon pepper)
Salt to taste.
2 Bouillon Cubes

– Wash and boil beans for 10 mins (if using a pressure pot) or 25 mins if using a regular pot. You just want to soften the beans.
– Add the yam to the beans along with pepper, powdered crayfish  and palm oil and meat stock. Cover the pot and leave to cook for another 10 or 20mins (pressure pot or regular pot).
– Add assorted meats and fish and taste, season with salt and bouillon cubes if need be.
– Turn the heat down completely and allow the  simmer till the broth thickens.


Can’t believe I enjoyed this!

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