How to Peel Potatoes easily

I made this discovery some time ago, and I’ve shared it on other platforms but not yet here, so I’m excited to share with you guys.

I was preparing to make a sweet potato dish and all day the thought of peeling potatoes and getting sticky green hands and green potatoes haunted me. I thought I’ll push the task to my help, as I was about to delegate the idea just hit me. 

I remember I had learnt somewhere to peel whole tomatoes by shocking them, so why not Potatoes too.

This is how to shock the potatoes

Boil water and pour over your potatoes in a bowl allow to sit for a minimum of 1 minute


Next pour lots of ice cubes into the water. -If you are shocking tomatoes, you pour the ice immediately, the tomatoes would jump out of their skin-


Then peel your potatoes with a peeler or knife, see how it looks so clean and white,



and my palms are clean too.


Feels like I just hit a jackpot.

*if ice or ice cubes are not readily available, use ice cold water instead. It would work very well too.

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