Stew with Sweet Peppers

Happy Easter weekend everyone. Today is good friday yippee! How many people are cooking Frejon today?
Send me pictures of your Frejon by email, I would love to collate your pictures and blog about it here.

If you are not too sure of what to cook this weekend or you just don’t have the energy for plenty fancy cooking, no worries, just zest up your stew with bell peppers. Simple. You can serve with plain white rice, coconut rice, yam, plantain… whatever you want.


All you need is
• Left over stew or freshly made stew

• Tomato Sauce

• Sweet Bell Peppers (Red, Yellow, Orange…)

• 1 Large Onion

• Shredded beef or chicken or fish

• *very optional Coconut milk


– Julienne your peppers, cut onions to large rings

– Re- Heat your stew if it is left over, if you are using freshly made pepper heat it up too, add your tomato paste if you are adding coconut milk, pour it in and allow it to reduce. If you are not using coconut milk, add tomato paste and little water. Then add your onion rings.

– Add shredded meat or fish allow to cook till meat is tender.

– When then meat is tender, add julienned pepper and cook with the lid off from about 5 minutes. This is so as not to over cook your pepper, turn off the heat after 5 minutes. The heat of the stew would still further soften the pepper



I had my stew with coconut rice and egg.

2 thoughts on “Stew with Sweet Peppers

  1. Great work as usual. A quick observation. you could explain certain terms (eg: julienne) you use when you write for the benefit of those who aren’t familiar with foodie terms. Just a thot


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