Fusion Smoked Wild Game Sauce

Fusion Smoked Wild Game Sauce




Last weekend I took a trip to the country side. My brother in law got married traditionally to his heartthrob in Ilesha, Osun State, I wish then all the blessings of God in their marriage. When we made the turn into Ibodi Road,  the first sight that welcomed us was, hunters displaying freshly hunted kill for interested buyers. I didn’t even know we had Civet Cats or Anteaters in Nigeria, please don’t judge me because I only see these things on National Geographic Wild and I haven’t really travelled across Nigeria that much.

Well I did not buy fresh kill, I waited till our return trip to buy a variety of smoked game.
I got Smoked Antelope,  Smoked Grass Cutter, Jumbo sized fresh bush snails,  Smoked Wild Guinea Fowl. The aroma that wafted through my car was heavenly , buy for hygiene and health concerns, I waited till I re- roasted it in my oven before taking a bite. The taste of smoked wild game is second to none!


I immediately made some sauce with it, i’ve added some to stew, made vegetable soups with …
This morning Le hubs requested fried sweet potatoes and sauce. So i reached for my smoked meats and left over Ekuru Sauce and created this delicious sauce .



•    500 g Shredded Smoked Meat Variety

•    3 cooking spoons leftover Ekuru Sauce

•     1/2 Cup Ketchup

•    1 medium sized Onions

•     2 tbsp Light soy sauce

•    1/2 tbsp Paprika


–   Add all ingredients together in a pot, and on medium heat cook for about 20 minutes or until the onions tenderise completely




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