Afang Soup

Afang Soup

Anytime I see Afang Soup, it brings back fond memories of my first year at University. Brief story. I was allocated to Obafemi Awolowo Hall at the University of Ibadan, how I got there is a story for another. My roommates in F49 made my year really memorable. Unfortunately, I have lost touch completely with all the ladies whom I know sadly by only their first names, I can’t recall the last names. Chinasa, Olatunde and the hardly ever around Motunrayo.

Anyway, Chinasa was engaged to a wonderful Calabar man called Victor. He loved to cook and his soups were the truth. Each time he came to school to visit his woman, he never came empty-handed, he always came with a pot or two of soups like Edikang Ikong, Editan, Ekpang Nkukwo (I never tried Ekpang until years later). My first ever encounter with Afang soup was from Victor. He brought his lady a pot of Afang one time she fell ill and the rest of us also descended on it like a swarm of locust and devoured it. That was the day I fell in love with Afang!

Now let’s make some afang of our own.



  • 1 kg Water leaf  (chopped)
  • 200g  Okazi/Ukazi (shredded)
  • Assorted Meats ( tripe, cow foot, ponmo, Beef, etc)
  • Assorted Dried and smoked Fish (Cod fish/Panla/Oporoko, Smoked Catfish)
  • 1 cup Periwinkle (removed from shell) optional
  • 2 tbsp Fresh Blended pepper  (preferably scotch bonnet i.e Ata Rodo, I used Cameroon Pepper)
  • 1 tbsp Blended Crayfish
  • Seasoning Cubes
  • Salt
  • ½ Cup Palm Oil


  • Boil your meats with seasoning cubes and salt to taste. As the meat gets tender, add the smoked catfish, and stock fish.
  • While the meat cooks, pound or use a blender to blitz the shredded Okazi (Ukazi).
  • Add the  roughly blended pepper
  • Now add the crayfish and then palm oil
  • Allow to cook for about 5 mins and add chopped water leaves.
  • Leave the pot uncovered and allow to cook for 5 mins, then add the blitzed Okazi
  • Stir in the Okazi. Once the Okazi goes in the water in the vegetable thickens a bit.
  • To avoid having watery soup, boil your meats with little or no water, because waterleaf already has high water content.

Enjoy with your favourite accompaniment.

Drink Recommendation

Because Fdvie Juice always pairs well with food.

3 thoughts on “Afang Soup

  1. Errr.

    Instead of bugging your phone early in the morning, let me try and be professional. Please, how do you achieve the ‘rolled eba’ look?


    1. Efe, (lol )
      Place a cling film or nylon over chopping board or smooth surface, scoop the Eba on to it, fold the nylon/film over the Eba , use a rolling pin to flatten the Eba, you can cut the edges to make it even, roll the Eba into a fold, you can lift it with the film/nylon to ensure it is smooth.


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