Thai inspired Nigerian Fried Rice

Thai inspired Nigerian Fried Rice


When your nigerian fried rice game is tight, you have no fear of trying a few tweaks and tricks.

For my last fried rice,  I was inspired by the use of Lemon grass and Coconut in Thai dishes, so I cooked something I’ve cooked severally before but I haven’t blogged about.

For my Nigerian Fried Rice Recipe please click on this link HERE

If you want to recreate this, this is what you need to know


1.    I replaced vegetable oil with coconut oil

2.    I cooked the rice with Lemon Grass blades, to infuse it with lemon grass flavour

3.    As I do with my fried rice,  I fried, bay leaf ginger and garlic in the oil till it burned and I removed it before adding the rice.

All steps and Procedure remain and you can read all about it in the original Fried Rice post.


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