Money saver tips for Vegetable Fried Rice ingredients

Buying in bulk and storing can save you a ton of money. Every home manager loves to shave off an extra penny here and there from home keeping expenses and this is one of them.

I was at the frozen foods section of a large supermarket chain recently and i saw the price on a bag of chopped vegetables, good lordy. There is no way i was going to parting with that amount of money on imported packaged food, that lord knows what sorts of preservatives is in it.

Fried Rice is a regular meal in my home and i have learnt to save a lot of money by buying my vegetables in bulk and storing in the freezer.

The vegetables in the picture below cost me the following from Mile 12 Market , Ketu Lagos Nigeria.

Carrots 300 naira
Green Pepper 300 naira

Red Pepper 200 naira

Runner Beans 200 naira

Green Peas 300 naira

Spring Onions 200 naira
Total cost 1500 naira.

Green Pepper 300 naira

Red Pepper 200 naira

Runner Beans 200 naira

Green Peas 300 naira

Spring Onions 200 naira
Total cost 1500 naira.

From this amount of vegetables, i will get a total of 6 -600g- bags of vegetables enough to make fried rice for my family of 5 (sometimes more) at least 6 times.

So on the average each pot of fried rice will cost just about 250 naira or less for vegetables.


  • Wash your vegetables properly under running water to get rid of dirt. Peel the carrots, de-seed the peppers, and chop them up separately.

  • Combine all the ingredients in the bowl, toss properly to ensure that the vegetables combine evenly.

* If you want, at this point you can bag it up and store in a freezer at this point.

  • I prefer to season the vegetables so they are ready to use when i want to cook. I season with salt, bouillon cubes,curry, thyme.

  • Toss it well to ensure that the seasoning is well incorporated. Let it sit for 30mins before bagging.

Pack into air tight, freezer bags or polythene bags and freeze till you are ready to use. I’ve stored mine for as long as 2 months in a freezer.

This also saves you a lot of cooking time.

Thai inspired Nigerian Fried Rice

When your nigerian fried rice game is tight, you have no fear of trying a few tweaks and tricks.


For my last fried rice,  I was inspired by the use of Lemon grass and Coconut in Thai dishes, so I cooked something I’ve cooked severally before but I haven’t blogged about.

For my Nigerian Fried Rice Recipe please click on this link HERE

If you want to recreate this, this is what you need to know


1.    I replaced vegetable oil with coconut oil

2.    I cooked the rice with Lemon Grass blades, to infuse it with lemon grass flavour

3.    As I do with my fried rice,  I fried, bay leaf ginger and garlic in the oil till it burned and I removed it before adding the rice.

All steps and Procedure remain and you can read all about it in the original Fried Rice post.



Fried Rice (Nigerian Style)


As a teenager fried rice was one dish I held down with confidence. I had no doubts I would be cooking Fried rice for my SSCE food and nutrition practical as well as Efo riro, I knew the invigilators would be hooked. I didn’t want a repeat of the near disaster that happened during my GCE practicals. I had grated my right thumb on the grater whilst grating coconut for my coconut cake, I nearly ended in the ER and my barbecue grill that left me with half of my turkey half cooked. I got a C4 in GCE and got a B2 in SSCE. I knew my fried rice game was tight! So what makes my Fried rice game tight? This is it.




• 2 1/2 cups long grain rice

• 1 cup Meat stock

• 1/4 cup vegetable oil

• 3 scotch bonnet

• A couple of garlic cloves

• 2 thumb sized ginger

• 1 bay leaf

• 1 1/2 tablespoons curry powder

• 1/2 teaspoon dried thyme.

• 3 Small green pepper

• 2 medium sized red bell peppers

• 1/2 cup blanched green peas

• 1/2 cup sweet corn

• 4 large Carrots

• Some spring onions

• Gizzard

• Hotdogs

• Poached Eggs

• Salt

• Bouillon Cubes


– Chop, peppers, carrots, spring onions and set aside best to set it aside in a fridge


– Chop gizzard, hot dog and set aside.

– Wash rice with water till the water is clear and strain in a seive

– In a pot, heat up the oil and fry scotch bonnet, bay leaf, chopped ginger and garlic till it burns in the oil, then take it out



– Pour rice into hot oil and stir till it starts to brown up


– Add stock, 500 ml water or a little more, curry, thyme, salt , bouillon cubes. Turn the heat down

– In a wok or pan, using about 1 tsp of vegetable oil, stir fry the vegetable mix, and meats, till vegetables are slightly tender



– Add to cooked rice and stir in with sweet corn and poached eggs


*Remember if the rice is nearly cooked but still a bit hard, cover with foil or moinmoin leaves and the pot lid to trap steam and cook rice through.

My 6yr old son who doesn’t like to have any vegetables in his fried rice.
What i do is, just before adding the vegetables into the pot of rice, i separate his own add Shrimps and either kidney/ liver or heart. And he loves it.


An old photo below


*Stir with wooden spoon or ladle