Ebolo a fragrant vegetable. (Efo Ebolo)

Ebolo a fragrant vegetable. (Efo Ebolo)


Ebolo is a seasonal vegetable, it comes out with new yams. It has a strong aroma hence the popular yoruba saying “Ko si bi a se le se ebolo ti koni run igbe! “ meaning “No matter how much you cook ebolo it would still smell earthy.”

Some people pronounce it as “Bolo”
Picture below.

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Ebolo is a tender vegetable and could quickly disintegrate if left for too long on the heat or if it is blanched.



  • A bunch of ebolo vegetables
  • Roughly blended Pepper and Onion Blend (Tomatoes are optional)
  • Assortments of Meats (e.g tripe, beef, snail, Goat meat etc)
  • Assortment of smoked fish (e.g smoked catfish, eja osan, stock fish etc)
  • Powdered Crayfish
  • *Seasoning cubes
  • Salt
  • Locust Beans
  • Palm oil


  • Pick, rinse and slice your Ebolo leaves.
  • Boil your meats or fish or whatever you want to cook it with.
  • In a pot add meat stock, meats, Snails,  stock fish etc and allow to simmer together.
  • Add crayfish, locust beans,  salt and seasoning cubes sparingly. When the water is drying out add your coarsely blended pepper and some palm oil. Don’t cover the pot so that the steam can escape and the fluid reduce too.
  • Roughly 10 mins after adding the peppper or after the water has reduced down, stir in the Ebolo leaves and turn down the heat so it simmers. Do not cover, allow to cook for about 3-5 minutes and take it off the heat.
Piping hot bowl of Efo Ebolo

Pair it with your favourite carbohydrate accompaniment.

Juice Recommendation Fdvie Orange/Pineapple/Ginger

Get it here.

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