15 thoughts on “This Poll will only take 30 seconds!

  1. I enjoy coming to your blog. The pictures you take & the way you simplify recipes are a major draw for me. I’ll confess, I’ve made a few of your recipes & whenever I search online for a new recipe & I see one by ounjeladun, I just run with that & stop looking. That’s how much I trust what you do. And I’m what my husband calls a ‘food snob’ 😅.


  2. It’s always a thrill visiting your blog. First, I love the pictures you take. Absolutely brilliant. Food is half visual, half taste for me so the pictures make me want to try anything out.

    Secondly, your recipes are so easy to understand and follow. They’re for sure tried and tested. I would swear by your chocolate cake recipe.

    What can you change?
    Well, that’s hard for me. I literally can’t imagine what to add or do more. Except maybe do tasting day for us where you will prepare some sumptuous dishes and drinks and we will come tasting. 😁


  3. I love oúnjẹ aládùn. I love how you fuse our local almost forgotten meals and drinks with contemporary flavor and then the pictures make me want to gobble them all up!


  4. Reading you blogspot has always been a very delightful experience from when I first came in contact with it. I think that was 2016. I’m not so sure.

    You’ve improved so much in so many ways – your photography skills, your step-by-step guide for each menu, and of course, your story telling. What’s a food blog without a captivating story! 🤣

    What to improve? Can’t think of anything right now. I’ll be back should a thought drop.


  5. I love your blogs especially the way you make the recipes so easy to follow. I have recommended your blog a lot of times. My 9yr old followed your limeade recipe and loved it.


  6. Hi Labake

    Your page is my go-to to satisfy all cravings 😀.
    I love the new look. Layout is fantastic and your recipes are well-detailed & easy to follow .

    I’ve been craving dodo ikire (dark spicy plantain)? Can you help with that?


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