In honor of World IVF day. A snippet of my Ivf experience.

In honor of World IVF day. A snippet of my Ivf experience.

Today is #WorldIVFDay

My prayer for everyone who is still on the fertility journey is that your dreams comes true and that you have joy every day no matter what.

#Infertility #IVF #IVFDay

Last year I shared this story on my personal Facebook page and I feel I should share it here as well in honor of #WorldIVFDay

Took Me A Year To Throw Out My IVF Medication

#WorldIVFDay #IVFDay #Infertility
Image credit: Chefbraakman.
She successfully had a set of twins, and another set of triplets from IVF, after prior treatments failed. #IVF

As shared on Facebook July 26, 2021…

“This is a story I’ve wanted to share, and I’ve struggled with. I’ve struggled with it not because I still bear the pain, but because I can’t deal with the pity party or the follow-up “God will do it” prayers. I totally believe in God and his ability to do what is his perfect will for my life. I just don’t have the energy to handle awwwws and ohhs.

Today being world IVF day avails me the opportunity to share.
This picture reminds me of what I had and what I lost. I loved my glow in this picture even though I thought I was a little fat. I didn’t mind being fat because it was justified. Months of injecting myself (abdomen and thigh), swallowing and inserting hormones and steroids finally paid off.

I was pregnant, it was our 3rd and only successful IVF cycle. It was also my first day out after 5 weeks of compulsory bed rest. I kept to all the rules I didn’t want anything to go wrong this time. I called in every symptom and the night before I went for this photoshoot, I had to go to the hospital for cramps. And because my IVF clinic was not open at that time of the night, I went to my regular hospital.

It was in the same moment as I stood taking this picture I felt a warm tickling flowing out of me, followed by what felt a little lumpy. At that moment I knew it was over. (15th July 2020)

I knew what had happened. I waited for the shoot to be over because I had promised Gbenga (a friend) I would do the shoot and I wasn’t about to not follow through. I did try to maintain my composure for the rest of the pictures, but somehow Gbenga sensed something was wrong. There was nothing stressful about the photoshoot, I sat comfortably, got dolled up while I slept

I was out the door the moment the shoot was over, went to join Bode (my husband), and we headed straight to the IVF clinic to confirm what we knew had happened. (15th July 2020)

The IVF process can be very mentally gruelling, and physically exhausting, that is why I get quite triggered by people who make uninformed statements about people who had assisted fertility. I had OHSS complications during my second cycle, I had some parts of my thigh throb from pain weeks after I had stopped injecting. On the 3rd cycle, we had 16 embryos frozen, transferred 3, lost some froze the rest 8 until we made the decision to end our journey with assisted fertility (actually all things fertility) this year (2021) and had them discarded.

We are no longer pursuing assisted fertility, as a matter of fact, we have hung our boots with respect to all things fertility and conception. We have decided to enjoy a full beautiful life like a Chinese family of 3. We are very thankful for our blessings, our journey, our experiences, our pains, and our wins.

This is US, at our son’s primary school graduation July 2022. We are perfect just the way we are.

I pray for everyone who is still on this journey may your righteous heart desires be fulfilled, may your dreams come true, may you find joy and may you have your own village, your community, your crew that will support you and hold your hand through this journey.
May it end in praise.”

15th July 2020.
Smiling through the loss. Nothing will ever take my joy.
Gbenga Ayo-Dada thank you for promising to hold on to this picture until I was ready, you even promised me it was okay if I was never ready. Thank you for being a good friend.

P.s: Everyone that is still praying baby prayer for me biko pray for money, plenty money biko, this baby girl lifestyle has to be funded.🤣.

*Peace * Love * Flowers* *Good Food* *Juice*.

#WorldIVFDay #IVFday #Infertility #SecondaryInfertility

6 thoughts on “In honor of World IVF day. A snippet of my Ivf experience.

  1. Hi! I just wanted to say how proud I am of your bravery to speak your truth and your journey through what I also know from personal experience just how difficult emotionally, psychologically, financially and any other words you may choose to add. Finding peace and deciding to be grateful for the family you have got is so liberating too as it takes the weight of all that pressure away. You have a beautiful family so continue to be blessed and enjoy life with your beautiful son. Take care, Gx


  2. God bless you for sharing Omolabake. Maybe one day, I would be strong enough to share my IVF story and journey.

    More of the blessings you wish for.


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