My Backyard Garden

My Backyard Garden

My best moments here are when I’m alone with a good book, a bottle of wine and a slice of cake. I also love spending time with my family here.

My garden is a personal sanctuary. Gardening is an activity I find more calming and soothing than cooking. I like to think I got my love for gardening from my late maternal grandmother. I remember that she always had a garden in front of her rented apartment in Olorunsogo area of Molete in Ibadan. I think she influenced my mum to have a small vegetable garden behind our Kitchen on Aboderin Street, Orita Challenge in Ibadan. The small garden later moved to the backyard when the house got completed and got more tenants. Life got in the way and that fizzled away. When we moved houses I remember I always had at least one plant.

As a little child, at about 8 years I joined the “Decor Team” in our church. This team was also responsible for maintaining the church horticulture. The adults welcomed me and gave me a lot of hands-on learning in caring for plants.

My dream home has always been one that would have an extensive beautiful garden with a pond and a small fruits orchard. And I’m working towards actualizing that dream.

I started gardening actively about four (4) years ago and my garden is a mix of ornamental and food plants. It is predominately ornamental, as non-food plants make up 80% of my garden.

Seedlings for herbs and vegetables going to the food corner in the garden. I have Tomatoes, Peppers, basils, Taragon, Majoram, Garlic chives … etc

I have a mix of flowering plants and some just gorgeous foliage

Hibiscus are my absolute favourite flowers followed closely by orchids which I only recently stopped “killing”

I really enjoy gardening and i don’t think there is enough information tailored towards growing plants taking the peculiarities of West Africa into consideration. I hope to through this (“In my Garden”) project share my experiences growing tropical and exotic plants in my garden. My wins, my fails and lessons from fellow gardeners in Nigeria and West Africa. Hopefully, our stories will create a roadmap for others as well. In learning and open to more learning.

This section of the blog I’m dedicating to uploading gardening stories, pictures, lessons, information on gardening events, featuring gardeners… for the benefit of many.

You can follow me on this IG page to see what I’ve been up to for the last 4 years Vie Garden Hub. I’m excited about this.

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