When I started my business, I took a plunge, sink or swim. As with many of the important things I’ve done, it starts with a plunge. I’ve always been a firm proponent of start with what you have and grow with it.
However, somehow I lost sight of that, and got caught up with the grandiose. I believe it happens that as you grow, a certain level of starting small, looks beneath you and you wait till all your ducks are in a row before setting out. Well this mindset held me back from starting out on some new projects, launching some ideas. Unconsciously I abandoned some things I was already working on seamlessly, because I felt they weren’t up to par. As the saying goes, I was small in my own eyes.

What happens then if your ducks never get in  a row, would you quit all together?
Would you rather live with the thoughts of what would have been if you did try?
Would you rather keep comparing yourself to someone you perceive to be better, stay small in your own eyes?

I’m still learning that my excuses can either be stepping stones or stumbling blocks, depending on how I use them.

Now I’d ask you, are you starting or waiting? Would you put your best foot forward and just trudge on? What would it be?

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