How to make Beef Sausage Meat

Following my posts on Sausage Roll and Scotch Egg,  I’ve had a couple of mails asking what is beef sausage is and where to get it. My answer has been,  you can get it from the frozen goods section of any good supermarket or store. I prefer to use the CHI brand or the UAC brand. Beyond knowing the brands, you can actually make yours. I’ve been hoping to do post on this, and as fate would have it, I realised late this evening that I didn’t have any sausage in the freezer and I am making sausage rolls for my mother – in – law tomorrow morning. I quickly called Le hubs to pick up a pack for me from Spar but when he got there they were closed. There is no way I would be disappointing this sweet woman, she needs it for a fellowship meeting tomorrow. So i went into my freezer to get out a pack of beef. This is what I did . You need. 1. 350 grams of beef, cut up into small pieces image Use a knife to cut off the sinew. image Other ingredients 1/8 cup Vegetable oil 1/8 cup water 1/2 tbsp cayenne pepper  (Ata gigun) 1/4 tsp salt Ginger (just a small piece, peeled) image Season the meats with salt, pepper and ground ginger In a good blender, blend seasoned meat with oil and water till a you get a soft  smooth paste of meat. image Wrap it up in cling film or a polythene bag and put in a freezer bag and keep in the freezer till you need it. You can use it immediately. image image