Rice Dishes

Ayamase Fried Rice

The initial plan was to make native rice, but I changed course and made fried rice inspired Ofada rice something something. I was at loss as to what to name it. But here we are. Thanks to bulk prepping, I pulled out frozen mixed vegetables from the freezer, as well as frozen boiled ayamase pepper.… Continue reading Ayamase Fried Rice

Rice Dishes, Soups

Ofada Rice with Ayamase Sauce

Ofada Rice is the name loosely used for locally cultivated unpolished rice. In some part of Nigeria it is called Abakaliki rice. Growing up we called it "Oh-my-God" rice, because it was notorious for having tiny pebbles in it that looked like rice, they were so easy to miss even if you picked the rice,… Continue reading Ofada Rice with Ayamase Sauce