Plantain Sandwich

I used to think I loved plantain until i met Le Hubs, his next best food asides beans is plantain, one food you’d always find in my store is a bunch of ripe plantains, hence the need to always find ingenious ways to  make plantain, this is one of his favorites aside the plantain waffle

Now this is so easy to make.


Ripe plantain
Sautéed Bacon slices
Slices of tomatoes
Low cholesterol oil (olive or sunflower would be great)

Cut plantain length wise into 2 or 3 strips.
Fry slightly in oil and take out the plantain strips. Flatten the plantain using a Tostonera or simple household items e.g a ladle or rolling pin, I used the flat side of an Ice breaker to smack the plantain flat.
Return into the oil and finish frying. Lay on paper towels to absorb the oil.

Now assemble. Plantain base, some lettuce, tomatoes, Omelette, a plantain slice , some lettuce, bacon slice and cover with plantain slice.


You can cut them up into very pretty bite sized pieces like this and serve them as finger food when hosting guests

Bite sized plantain sandwiches


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