Homemade Nigerian Roasted Peanuts/Groundnuts

Homemade Nigerian Roasted Peanuts/Groundnuts

Roasted Peanut or Groundnut as it is called in Nigeria is a very popular snack.

I remember hawkers carrying roasted groundnut, Donkwa and pop-corn in glass cases on their heads, they would use a fork to tap the case and make a rhythmic noise to attract people in the area to come and buy.

Roasted groundnut is also a popular accompaniment to roasted plantain (Boli or Bole as it is called) , garri (cassava flakes) soaked in water e.t.c.

It is quite easy to make. This is how I make mine. But before then here are a few other groundnut recipes you can try

Now let’s roast some groundnut


  • Raw Groundnuts/Peanuts (Shelled)
  • Salt to season

Garri, or Cooking Salt, or Very fine Sand to roast.

– Soak groundnuts in hot water and salt for about 30 mins, then drain in a seive, allow to strain completely.


– Fine sand is the most popular thing used locally to roast groundnut. Sand retains heat and also the nuts roast quicker and finer. But I don’t care for that method at all.
My neighbour when I was growing up used salt to make her’s, but I ain’t got that much salt to waste. So i used garri.


– Heat an empty pan on the fire and add garri/salt/sand, allow the garri to heat up slighty then add the peanuts.


– Use a wooden spoon to keep stirring. Stir consistently so as allow for even cooking and to avoid burning. The peanut would start to make a crackling sound like pop corn.
Keep stirring till the sounds stop and the skin looks like it is shrivelled. You can pick one nut and peel and taste, if it still tastes raw keep stirring. Keep checking to see progress if you peel the skin of about 3 picked randomly and it comes out golden brown, it is time to take it off the heat.

– Allow it to cool in garri/salt/sand before you pour it in large perforated seive, seive to separate garri/sand/salt from the peanuts.

– If the groundnut is almost burnt or over roasted quickly take out of the garri/sand/salt as It would keep cooking even after it has been taken off the heat.

– Spread out on a tray to cool completely

Roasted unpeeled groundnut.

– Peel groundnuts by rubbing between your fingers and palms and blow out the chaff.

Store in an airtight container.

Peeled groundnuts is popularly sold in glass bottles like this on the streets of Lagos.

69 thoughts on “Homemade Nigerian Roasted Peanuts/Groundnuts

    1. Reading this 5 years later beacuse my mind randomly thought about why they used sand to roast groundnut


  1. Thanks,soo mch u really hep a lot…I got to impress my gf&hostel mate…

    Am feeling my self thanks.


  2. I grew up at Dutse, and we referred to them as ash peanuts. Are these the same. Is this the same way they are roasted? I thought that they were roasted under the sand with the hot coals on top?


    1. Hey Teichroew.
      I’m hearing of ash peanuts for the first time. I’d do a bit more research and confirm if they are the same.
      Thanks for the information


  3. Thanks For Sharing This With Us. Will Surely Try This Out Soon. But My Question Is This, Will The Gari Be Re Usable?


  4. Must it be soak in hot water with salt? I want to know bcos i’ve a frnd dat jst sprinkle ordinary water, add salt, stirred and sun dry it b4 he roasted it.


  5. Hello,
    would you by any chance know how to make the sweet nuts sold on the street in Lagos? They are coated with sugar but i don’t know what the other ingredients are if any or how they make them. Thank you
    Great post by the way:)


  6. Thanks for this online training. I have been looking for the opportunity to know how to roast groundnut personally. Now I find it.

    I shall give it a try and report back to you.


  7. Nice to get educated but I want to be clear on something. When you say garri/salt/sand, do you mean a combination of all three or using just one as a choice? Thank you


  8. Thank you soo much you are just too good. please be blessed l will try that here in Zimbabwe .l will give you a feed back.


  9. Thank you,am just thinking of the cost effect of garri for commercial production, also how do I aavoid sand being found in my product, after processing it. God bless you.


  10. After soaking the groundnut in hot water, is it possible to strain the water and fry it that same day. thanks. wW


  11. I love your concept Dear, frying with garri, but for someone selling
    that would be more cost.

    Sand fry saves cost but sometimes gets inside the NUTS.

    Garri would be neater.

    For the part where you put SALT IN WARM WATER plus the peanuts

    what if you put SUGAR INSTEAD.

    Will it work?


  12. Good evening Ounje, well done, if I have to try a derica of groundnuts what’s the quantity of salt to soak in hot water (quantity of water). Thank you


  13. I’m in the process of making my first home made roasted groundnuts! I salted it properly and it tastes really nice just still waiting to dry. I can only imagine what the fried one will taste like. I’ve been wasting money buying what I could do for myself! Thanks again my own Autie OmoLabake


      1. Good day sister, thank for the useful tips.
        I tried make roasted groundnut before now. I cooked it before frying and not soaked in hot water.
        I finally discussed the it was not well roasted after many attempts.
        Please what should I do.
        I used small oven to roast.
        I will appreciate if you can guide me via ayotunde.akinwale@yahoo.com.
        Thanks God bless


  14. Even if I peel them one by one. They get broken bcos the back is hard wen peeling. Wat cause the hardness, y can’t I peel it easily


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