It’s Easter week and time to celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. I have fond memories of Easter and one of them includes my Mum cooking Frejon with Mackrell stew on Good Friday.




As a kid I thought Easter was more fun than Christmas because,  Christmas was just one day and Easter was a couple of days. From Palm Sunday when we got to make crosses with palm fronds through to Good Friday and the Resurrection Monday when we went out to picnics, Easter was dope. Only that I don’t remember getting new clothes and new shoes for Easter.
Beyond the funfair of the season, the very essence of a Christian’s walk with Christ is embedded in the story of Easter (selfless love and sacrifice). Before I get too religious on you guys let me share with you how I made my Frejon, you can try it out on Good Friday.







For the Beans

•  4 Cups Ewa Ibeji (you can substitute for Ewa Oloyin/ Honey Beans)
•  400 ml Coconut Milk
•  1/8 cup Sugar
•  1 tsp salt
•   Fresh Coconut flakes (optional)


For Sauce

•  3/4 cup dried Jalapeño peppers
•  4 Cameroon pepper
•  3 Fresh Pepper
•  4 smoked catfish (any fish fried or dried would do)
•  Powdered Crayfish
•  1 large Red onion
•  1 cup Palm oil
•  Salt
•  Bouillon Cubes



● For Beans

– Pick dirt out of the beans, wash and cook with enough water (*coconut water too if you have some)to cook through for 30 minutes with a pressure pot .  * If you don’t have a pressure pot use your regular pot bit it would take a longer time to cook.
Cook till it has absorbed all the water and it is soft. I cooked my beans with some fresh coconut flakes.


– Use a blender or a food processor to blend the beans with some coconut milk.
*My mum used to make her own coconut milk by grating coconut, adding some water and squeezing out the milk with a muslin/cheese  cloth.


–  Return the beans to the pot,  add sugar and salt and a little bit of water (I used coconut water). Turn the heat down and allow to simmer till it thickens.

-Turn of the heat and leave to cool. Serve warm with Sauce and garri to sprinkle on it.

For Sauce

– In a blender blitz your pepper.

– Chop Onions, break fish into bits

– Heat up palm oil to smoke point and add the onions, fry onion slightly and add the pepper.

– Season with salt, powdered crayfish, bouillon cubes.

– 15 minutes into cooking the pepper add your fish.

– Cook till done – i.e the water is completely reduced and the pepper no longer tastes raw-.

Serve with your Frejon!!




Happy Easter everyone.

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