Yam Fufu  (Fresh Yam Amala)

Yam Fufu (Fresh Yam Amala)

I’m excited about this, if you don’t have Elubo (Yam Flour) and you are craving Amala, you can make some with yam.  Late last night,  – I’m a bit of an insomniac,- I was updating the blog with some posts that i had previously shared on my Facebook page, while I was putting up the post about Unripe Plantain Fufu, I thought, what if this can be done with yam too. Off I went to the Kitchen at 2 am to give it a try. I have a few pictures of my experiment. It turned a little darker than regular Amala made with yam flour, tastes close to Amala just a little more starchy. If I must say so myself, it tastes good. image Recipe and Procedure

•   1 slice of Yam  (Peeled) –   Chop yam into small bits


–   In a blender, add a little bit of water and blend till smooth image

–   Place a clean pot on fire and pour in the blended yam and stir continously using a ladle till it thickens. image

It would change colour as it starts to thicken. As it starts to thicken mix in quick motions. You may or may not need more water while cooking    image

Here it is, your Amala without Elubo. And that is how I found myself eating Amala at 3 am. image

I’m guessing if used white Yam, the colour would be lighter. I would be doing this again today just to find out.

14 thoughts on “Yam Fufu (Fresh Yam Amala)

  1. WOW!!! I’m already a fan of unripe plantain amala. I will definitely try this. Glad to know there are other insomniacs out there who find some comfort in getting creative in the kitchen at odd hours 😀


  2. Woww! Can I use water yam? Isu Ewura! I av them but really gettn tired of using it as ikokore! If yes, won’t it be slimmn? Nd pls, how can I make Ojojo?


    1. Good recipe here, can i do same for plantain? @ bukkie, you can make ojojo by dicing the yam first, grating with a grater, slice your rodo and onions and mix with the grated water yam, then put in hot groundnut oil like you want to fry pufpuf.


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